Ace Finish Terms of Business Wheels and Body (2023)


 1.1 ‘Business’ means the person(s) providing the services or carrying out the work on behalf of Ace Finish Limited.

 1.2 ‘Customer’ means the person, firm or company for whom the services or work is performed.

 1.3 ‘Work’ means the repairs and any other services carried out by the business for the customer under these conditions.

 1.4 ‘Vehicle’ means the vehicle upon which the work is performed.


2.1 The business, subject to these terms and conditions, shall provide services and undertake to carry out work.

 2.2 Terms and conditions on the customer’s own order form or other similar document shall not be binding on the business:

 2.2.1 provided that the business has informed the customer that such terms and conditions will not be binding on him.

 2.2.2 unless the business accepts such terms and conditions.

 2.3 No contract shall be formed until the business accepts an instruction from the customer, whether made orally or in writing, and such a contract shall consist of these terms and conditions. An estimate, or a quotation if possible, can be provided for the cost of the services or work to be provided prior to any work being undertaken.

 2.4 The customer and business must jointly agree any amendments or additions to any contract.


3.1 Prices are subject to VAT. Any estimates / quotations will include this where applicable and is shown at the rate ruling at the time of providing the estimate. Should there be a change in VAT rate by the date of invoicing for the services or work carried out this changed rate will be applicable in the final invoice.

 3.2 Subject to obtaining the customer’s prior consent, the price for the services or work may be increased above that shown on the business’s estimate by the amount attributable to:

 3.2.1 Alterations / changes to such instructions.

 3.2.2 Additional work required due to further deterioration caused by any unreasonable delay in authorization to commence by the customer.

 3.2.3 Any increases in the cost of parts, materials, labour, taxes, duties or other costs between the date of the estimate and authorisation of commencement of work.

 3.2.4 Any additional labour, parts or materials that are subsequently found to be necessary for the vehicle to be reinstated correctly but which were not specified or costed in the business’s estimate. The customer will be informed as to the reasons and the additional cost. The customer’s agreement will be required prior to proceeding with the provision of the services or work CANCELLATION OF THE CONTRACT.

4.1 If the customer does not wish the services or work to be completed, whether or not there has been a price variation, the customer should inform the business and preferably confirm this in writing. The customer will be responsible for all reasonable costs incurred as a result of cancellation of the contract.


5.1 An estimated completion time / date will be given from the time the services or work have been authorised to commence. Every effort will be made to complete the work within this period but the business cannot be held responsible for delays due to shortage of parts or any other circumstances beyond its reasonable control. If it is found that the completion / delivery times cannot be met every effort will be made to inform the customer of the reasons and a revised completion time / date given. Unless the reasons for delay are beyond reasonable control the customer may cancel the contract without penalty.


6.1 Where the business is unable to obtain the parts referred to in the estimate within reasonable time, subject to the customer’s prior approval, the business may offer to repair the damaged parts, or to fit repaired parts, or to use parts other than those supplied by the original manufacturer. The customer may cancel the contract if any of the options are not acceptable according to the terms and condition for cancellation of the contract.


7.1 Unless otherwise agreed the customer shall make prompt payment for the agreed work that has been satisfactorily carried out upon completion / return of the vehicle.

 7.2 In the event of any alleged minor defect, the customer shall not be entitled to withhold more than a proportionate amount of the sum due.

 7.3 If payment is not made as agreed, the business may, without prejudice to its other rights, charge interest at an annual rate of 3% above the current base rate of the National Westminster Bank plc to be calculated on a day to day basis on the balance outstanding.

 7.4 Any payment received, which does not refer to specific work or particular item, shall be allocated by the business to the longest outstanding debt(s) on which there are no outstanding disputes.

 7.5 Where the work is performed on a vehicle that is subject to an insurance claim, the policyholder shall, at the request of the business, sign any document required by the insurer of the vehicle to authorize payment for the work.


8.1 The business has the right to retain the vehicle or items on which work has been carried out until all agreed charges have been paid.

 8.2 In the event of non-payment the business shall have the right to sell / dispose of the vehicle or items at the customer’s expense / cost by giving the customer 21 days notice in writing of any proposed actions. In an attempt to obtain a reasonable price they will be sold or disposed of through recognized trade outlets and details of these will be given when informing the customer of the proposed actions. The proceeds of any sale, less the cost of sale, will be set against the outstanding account and if there is any balance it will be returned to the customer after which the customer will be discharged of all liability in respect of this account. However in the event of the value of the sale not exceeding the cost of disposal the customer remains responsible for any monies that remain outstanding.

2 YEAR WARRANTY on bodywork only

9.1 Unless otherwise stated:

 9.1.1 Parts and materials will be warranted for 2 years  ( bodywoek only)

9.1.2 The business shall repair or replace free of charge any defective part(s) or materials that were a part of the work Ace Finish carried out.

 9.2 Workmanship will be warranted from the date of invoice for 2 years, ( bodywork only )

 9.3 The un-expired balance of any warranty given for work carried out is NOT transferable to any subsequent owner of the vehicle.

 9.4 The business may not offer warranty on temporary or other specific repairs. Such exclusions should be drawn to the customer’s attention prior to the work being undertaken.

 9.5 The warranty will be void if the vehicle has been:

 9.5.1 used for competition, racing or record attempts.

 9.5.2 abused or subsequently damaged or by corrosion.

 9.5.3 where there has been neglect, improper use, or failure to service or  maintain those items in accordance with the manufacturer’s  recommendations or due to fair wear and tear.

 9.6 The customer has certain statutory rights in respect of the provision of goods and services and the above terms and conditions shall not affect the customer’s statutory rights under The Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 full details of which can be obtained from Trading Standards, Citizens Advice Bureaus or Motoring Organizations.


10.1 If any of the above terms and conditions are not strictly adhered to by the business it will not be seen as a reason not to adhere to any other of the terms.


11.1 If at any time a dispute or difference shall arise that cannot be resolved between the customer or the business in the normal manner, the customer can request that the dispute be referred to an independent conciliation and arbitration service to which the VBRA member must agree. The conciliation and arbitration process shall take place in accordance with the provisions set out in the VBRA’s Consumer Code of Practice details of which can be obtained from VBRA members or the VBRA Ltd.

Our aim is to refurbish your wheels to a high quality ‘good as new’ look. We cannot be held responsible for unseen problems such as excessive corrosion, poor castings, hidden cracks or if diamond cut alloys have run out of life.

Such problems may only become evident when the old coatings have been removed from the wheel. Some older wheels will never look perfect after a refurbishment, but we do guarantee to vastly improve them.

Certain finishes such as hi-power silver, silver chrome or polished will show blemishes more readily. We will not be liable for structural damage or wear and tear due to pre-existing faults.

All vehicles must be fully insured on your own insurance whilst left with Ace Finish.

We will not be responsible for loss or damage to goods or articles left in vehicles, or mechanical faults or damage unless it was caused by our negligence. Evidence of the vehicle condition will need to be provided prior to Ace Finish working on the vehicle or wheels.

All vehicles must be supplied with the o.e.m locking wheel nuts for the removal and re-fitting of the wheels.

It is your responsibility to check that your tyres conform to all safety and legal requirements. We reserve the right not to re-fit damaged or illegal tyres. Customers will be asked to sign a disclaimer should you want them re-fitted.

For safety reason Ace Finish will only repair up to 2 cracks per wheel. All welding and crack repairs are not guaranteed.

Where wheels are fitted to the customers vehicle, we will ensure all wheel bolts are correctly torqued/tightened. Customers are responsible for the re-checking of the tightness of the wheel bolts after 40/50 miles of use and at regular intervals.

We supply rubber standard valves free of charge. Metal / chrome or special valves i.e., flush fitting etc must be supplied by the customer, we can supply them at an extra cost if they are available. We accept no responsibility for leaks around old valves that have been fitted at the customer’s request.

Pressure sensing valves can often be broken during the removal of tyres, we accept no responsibility for this. It is the customers responsibility to re-set the vehicles systems once the wheels are re-fitted, please refer to the vehicles handbook.

We reserve the right to charge extra for unforeseen problems such as cracks and buckles etc which we were unaware of. We will contact you before carrying out further repairs.

Powder coated/painted wheels are guaranteed for 12 months against paint defects such as blistering and flaking etc. This is subject to the wheels not being washed with acid based cleaners or damage caused by driver error or sustaining pressure washer damage.

Polished wheels are not guaranteed as the lacquer will not readily adhere to the polished surfaces.

Warranty claims, the invoice must be produced as proof of purchase it will be at Ace Finish discretion should you not be able to do this.

Timescales for completion of the refurbishment are targets only, we will do our best to keep to this and we cannot be held responsible for unforeseen delays caused during the process.

Vehicles/wheels will not be released until payment is made in full. Any wheels not collected within 3 months will be sold to recoup any costs.

It is the customers responsibility to point out and make photographic evidence of the condition of any bodywork or tyres/wheel. We will work with customers to resolve any potential issues, but we will not take full responsibility unless evidence has been proved of the condition prior to us take the car/wheels in.