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Powder Coating Alloy Wheels

Powder Coating Alloy Wheels Huntingdon, St Neots & Cambridge

Kerbed, scuffed or flaking alloys? Or just fancy a colour change?


Our wheel refurbishment service is unique in the Huntingdon, St Neots and Cambridge area – our new state of the art powder coating and diamond cutting facility enables us to completely strip your wheels back to bare alloy and then repair them with a powder coat finish. If required, we can also add a diamond cut finish.


This is the same way they were coated at the factory, and offers the ultimate in durability and finish quality. We also still wet paint alloy wheels for a more affordable finish, great if you’re looking to tidy up your alloys prior to selling your car.


Our comprehensive refurbishment and repair services for alloy wheels and steel wheels include:

  • Kerbed
  • Scuffed
  • Flaking
  • Total colour change
  • Split rims
  • Cracked alloy repairs
  • Buckled alloys
  • We sell new tyres

We can also provide estimates for supplying and fitting new tyres while we have your wheels.


Ace Finish Powder Coating and Alloy Wheel Refurbishment process


Ace Finish have invested in the latest technology and now has a state of the art powder coating and diamond cutting alloy wheel refurbishment facility.


Our large powder coating oven allows us to batch together many wheels at a time, the more alloys we can cure in a batch means we can be very competitive on price. The oven is bolted onto our clean room which in turn houses our dual purpose water wash spray booth. The clean room filters the air and reduces the possibly of dust and dirt landing in our painted finish. The water wash booth allows us to both powder coat the alloys with primer, apply the colour with water based paint and finally apply a durable, powder, high gloss lacquer. The dual purpose paint booth and clean room provide a dust free environment and maximise the conditions for a near perfect finish every time.


The Ace Finish refurbishment process has been developed to provide an unrivalled service which returns corroded, scuffed and damaged alloy wheels back to their original factory finish. It’s more affordable then replacing the alloys wheels and is still cost effective enough if you are tidying up your alloys to sell your car or just keeping it in pristine condition.


The process of refurbishment begins with:


  • High pressure steam clean to remove dirt and grime
  • Tyre removal and a full inspection of the tyre and the alloys wheel for damage inc cracks
  • Chemically striped to remove all the old paint
  • Light grit blasting to ensure the alloys are clean and well keyed prior to painting
  • Pre heat and de-gas the alloys to remove moisture
  • Full alloy powder coat primer is applied, the colour of your choice and finally the durable powder coat lacquer
  • Full and final bake to cure the paint
  • Refit tyres, balance and back on your vehicle


What is powder coating?


This is a method of painting by which electrically charged powder paint is spray applied via a high voltage, low ampere power unit to a grounded work piece i.e. an alloy wheel.


Electrostatic attraction holds the powder to the coated part.


The coated part is then heated in an industrial oven to over 220c which then melts / fuses the powder on to the alloy wheel.


This results in a very durable, scratch resistant high gloss finish, which is three times stronger than solvent based paints. Unlike liquid paint it contains no solvents and is therefore very environmentally friendly.




Please note our aim is to give your wheels the best quality finish we can. We ask you to take into consideration the condition of your wheels before the refurbishment took place. Some older wheels will never look perfect although we do guarantee to vastly improve them. See terms & conditions





Some alloys will only need a cosmetic touch up or the face of the wheel painting only, we can also offer this service across the Huntingdon, St Neots and Cambridge region.



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